June-Sept 2018 GRUMPY OLD MEN

GRUMPY OLD MEN the Musical - US Premiere @ Ogunquit Playhouse!

This show magically found me and I had a great ride on a flippin’ SNOWMOBILE!!! I learned so much. Got to play onstage with Ed Dixon, sing a duet w Mark Jacoby, be amazed by Hal Linden and Sally Struthers, enjoy B’way divas - Brenda Braxton, Laura Woyasz, Kevin Massey and Doug Eskew. Lived the month of August in charming Ogunquit MAINE! The theme/meme became - PUT ON YOUR PARKA & GET BACK OUT THERE!! #lifeisallaboutlivin

Ariel arrives ... riding a snow-mobile with her red hair blowing in the wind singing Heat Wave - Ms. Stevens gives her character the depth that she deserves.
— https://www.boxingoverbroadway.com/these-grumpy-old-men-will-put-smile-on-your-face/
Leslie Stevens is perfectly cast as Ariel.
— https://www.journaltribune.com/articles/aelocal-reviews/grumpy-old-men-the-musical-at-ogunquit-playhouse-is-hit-larious-hometown-hoot/