THRESHOLD - Thriller Feature @ MAMMOTH Film Festival FEB 2018

See TRAILER HERE! (I come in after 1:10 minute mark - then you can’t miss me - seriously)

WON - Best Feature - First Glimpse Festival /Philadelphia- NOV 2016 WON - Best Horror Film - Hollywood REEL Independent Festival - LA - FEB 2017 Nominated - Best Feature Audience Award - Hollywood REEL Independent Festival - FEB 2017


"The performances of the three principle actors of the film are in a word ‘stunning’. Randy Wayne and Trilby Glover ... are off set by the chilling and utterly creepy performance by Leslie Stevens in her role of The Otherworldly being who comes upon them in the night. All three of these actors put in such powerful performances that you will quickly become entirely immersed in the story and hang on to the edge of your seat..."